How to Make a Free Website

You can learn how to make a free website fast as long as you follow these guidelines below. Keep in mind that this guide is for people who want their own domain name, also known as a URL, and website hosted themselves.

For those of you who don’t mind the lack of control behind your website you can use a third party company to host your website such as,, (for musicians and young adults), and (for teenagers).

Here are three basic steps that you can follow that will teach you how to make a free website and fast!

Step #1 – Cheap Hosting

Yes even though your website may be free, you still need to pay for hosting. Hosting is where all your website files are stored and allow your website to be displayed to the world. Without hosting no one will be able to see your site.

To make your free website fast I recommend firstly getting a cheap hosting account. Hosting on average costs about $10 a month.

Step #2 – Get Your Free Domain

As mentioned, some hosting companies will give you a free domain upon you joining their company. So pick a domain name that you like that relates to whatever your website is about – It could be your first and last name, your company name or even a website dedicated to your favourite movie.

Step #3 – Get Your Free Website!

One of the fastest and easy ways you can get your website done is using Go to or search online for free WordPress templates and voila! All you need to do is customize it to your needs. You can add your website name to the template and start blogging. It’s that simple.

Where the confusing part comes in is that people don’t know how to combine their domain, hosting and website together. Don’t fret. You can always Google or go to the help sections of hosting websites and find out more information there.

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Cheap Web Hosting For the Small Business Owner

A budding entrepreneur must think and act big, despite the gradual steps he or she takes to cultivate his or her business endeavor. This means that you must remain realistic about your dreams and adopt inexpensive technologies that allow you to compete and surpass your large rivals. For example, to create an internet website that puts the sites of large corporations to shame, successful entrepreneurs make use of open source content management systems alongside cheap web hosting

Finding a cheap web hosting option may not be simple but is definitely possible. All you need to do is a thorough study of the providers of such cheap hosting plans. It is easy to be taken for a ride if you are not an insider of the modern information technology arena or a novice in this field. In such circumstances, it may be advisable to go through the case studies of websites which have utilized such cheap hosting plans for startups.

Cheap web hosting service providers don’t always offer the best performance. Every dollar spent makes a difference in this field. The best option is that which gives you the most uptime of your web site. It is imperative that you find a web hosting service that is cheap for all that it has to offer.

There are various types of hosting plan providers that are available in the market. The brochures are designed to help you choose that company so picking out the truth is not an easy task.

For these reasons, a businessperson seeking to find a hosting company needs to tread carefully. It helps to do extensive research online, paying particular attention to recommendations for quality cheap web hosting plans. Forums are a good starting point, and it’s usually free to read the threads.

When picking a business web site plan, remember you do not want unnecessary ads containing anything from prescription drugs to adult dating. Who wants their business clients to be unnecessarily exposed to unwelcome spamming? Not you, so make sure you do not pick a free web hosting plan, for you will surely be overloaded with ads that you do not want. So instead, find a cheap web hosting plan that agrees not to post unwanted ads.

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